Fastest Way To Get A Six Pack

There are gadgets galore promising they are the fastest way to get a six pack of abs. Some claim "Six Second Abs" or "Perfect Six Pack in Six Days," I'm sure you've heard it all. We've all seen the infomercials, tried the weird ab belts, bought the crunching bars and still have not found the secret to a fast six pack. Let me tell you one thing, you already have a six pack. The trick is making it show.

If you are thick around the mid section and are looking for the fastest way to get a six pack, you will need a water bottle and a cardio workout that makes you sweat hard core for at least 30 minutes a day. Choose something that you are comfortable with but don't shy away from trying new methods or pushing yourself farther than you want to go. Beauty is pain. When you start seeing results, you will find joy in pushing your threshold because you know that those are the moments that have more weight loss value and take you to the next level. The fastest way to get a six pack is be consistent with your cardio workout. Do this four to five times a week. That isn't all though.

A toning exercise is important to mix with a cardio exercise. Everyone should have cardio in their regular schedule but if you don't have a thick mid section and aren't trying to lose weight, you don't have to rigorously get your heart pumping as often as those that need to lose the weight to bring their abs to the surface. The fastest way to get a six pack is enjoy your workout. If you enjoy it then you will do it harder, faster, better and longer. Taking up a sport that requires you to strengthen your core is most effective. Joining a team helps too because people tend to try harder when their is an audience and others are depending on your dedication. This will push you threshold as well. Swimming, tennis, rowing, and any number of sports will help you tone that midsection and fast. On your days off focus on those areas with a highly repetitious set of abdomen workouts. Make sure you focus on the different areas of your abdomen. A sit up can only shape one part. You must shape all of them.

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